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Compliance with European data protection legislation

About-France.com does not collect any personal data from users, does not maintain any database of users, and does not show any user-generated advertising. The website is compliant with the European GDPR legislation on privacy and data protection.

 The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) exists to prevent the abusive gathering and storage of personal details through intrusive Internet technology.

About-France.com does not demand, gather or store any personal information from users. Use of About-France.com is completely free, and no logins are required on any part of the website. About-France.com does not knowingly use any cookies that track the personal details of any user.
 The only cookies used by About-France.com are functional cookies that allow all features of the website to operate correctly, and anonymous analytics cookies that allow the collection of visitor statistics.

Privacy :

    If you do not want any cookies to be stored on your computer, you can block them through your browser - either generally or for specific websites.  However you should be warned that blocking cookies will prevent interaction between computers, and will disable certain browser functions, notably with websites that require a login, ecommerce websites, and other operations requiring communication between computers. For further information on blocking cookies, see allaboutcookies.org 


About-france.com uses the anonymized and GDPR-compliant version of Google Analytics to record analytical data relating to the number and origin of visitors to the website, and the pages viewed. No personal details are logged, and the user's IP is truncated, so not even the user's computer can be identified.

Ads  and hyperlinks

About-France.com does not use automated ad networks to serve targeted advertising and does not show intrusive popup ads anywhere on our pages. Limited relevant advertising is present in the form of static hyperlinks to merchant websites, which are there to help cover the running costs of About-France.com, and keep the service completely free.  

We use GDPR-compliant static affiliate advertising links to appropriate third-party service providers such as hotels or hotel booking companies, and do so without using tracking pixels.  Affiliate links allow merchants to identify the referring website and in certain cases to award a small commission to the referring  website.

Users should know that by clicking on an external hyperlink, i.e. one that leads to a third-party website, they will be leaving About-France.com.  
  About-France.com  is not responsible for and has no control over the cookies that may be set by third party sites accessible through hyperlinks; in the event of doubt, users should consult the cookie and privacy policy of the third party website to which they have been directed.

Some privacy options that may interest you

Block personalized ads from Google
This does not concern About-France.com, as we do not use Google ads. However many sites do, and to see how Google displays ads on your computer, visit Google Ads settings.

Block personalized ads from other ad networks

To block advertising networks from using your data to target you with personalised ads, visit https://www.youronlinechoices.com

Accepting or rejecting cookies

About-France.com only uses functional cookies and anonymized tracking cookies, which comply with GDPR requirements. You agree to accept these cookies unless you disable them on your web browser.

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