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Routes to Southwest France 

French  route guide and map

From Paris via Tours and Bordeaux to Bayonne & Spain
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Click here for routes via Rouen and Orleans or Alençon

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Route map with hotels

Only hotels that are very easy to find
► Click any  marker on the map and a bubble will show up with details of the hotels in that location. Click link for further details and to book.   Key:
Upscale classic independent hotels with character
Four-star and qu ality three star hotels.
Budget and economy hotels such as Ibis or Campanile
Independent budget hotels


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A10 & N10 -  E5  ROUTE GUIDE

Traffic from Calais
Recommended alternative route to avoid Paris:
Use the route from Calais or Boulogne or Le Havre, via Rouen and Chartres; join the A 10 just north of Orleans. Click here for more hotels on this route.
The   A10  autoroute can be reached either from Pairs, or via Rouen and Chartres, or via (Rouen) Alençon and the  A28 /  E402 .

The   A10  is the main French motorway to the southwest, and is four or three lanes as far as Tours. South of Tours, it reduces to two lanes, which is quite adequate except at very peak periods.  It is a busy motorway, particularly during summer holiday weekends, as it carries most of the holiday traffic bound for the west coast of France.
   From Paris onwards, follow motorway signs for A10 Bordeaux.. Nothing could be simpler. The toll section of the A10 motorway starts at Saint Arnoult, some 30 miles southwest of Paris.
 There are two notable black spots on this autoroute, which often cause serious delays at peak periods; a) the toll station at Saint Arnoult (the biggest motorway toll station in Europe), which causes long tailbacks in the north-east bound direction when there is a lot of traffic returning towards Paris.  b) the ring road round Bordeaux, which can get snarled up either side of the Pont d'Aquitaine, over the Gironde. Otherwise it is easy driving.
   Bordeaux has a complete ring-road, so you can skirt the city either to the east (N 230 dual carriageway) or to the west (A630 motorway) . Either way, leave the ring road onto  A63  at exit 15, marked San Sebastian and Bayonne

Alternative route from Poitiers to Bordeaux: 
Avoid the tolls. Follow the old N10, rather than the A10 from Poitiers via Angoulème to Bordeaux. Leave the A10 at exit 30 Poitiers south. This route is almost all dual carriageway. It is shorter but slower.

Bordeaux hotels:
Click here for a full list of Accor hotels in and around Bordeaux (includes Formule 1, Etap, Ibis, Novotel, Mercure and other Accor brands)
South of Bordeaux, and on to Spain,
South of Bordeaux the (free)   A63  motorway is replaced by dual carriageway (divided highway) route nationale, the N10, for most of the way to Bayonne. For the last few kilometres to Bayonne, Irun and the Spanish border, the N10 becomes again the A63 autoroute - which links directly at the border to Spain's Autopista A-8, and thereafter to the Spanish motorway network.

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