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the Seine at Paris
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Budget Paris - Paris on the Cheap

  The About-France.com guide to Paris:  getting round Paris, main tourist attractions and other things to see and do  .
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  The About-France.com guide to Paris:  getting round Paris, main tourist attractions and other things to see and do .

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The Eiffel Tower, Paris 
The Eiffel Tower

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PARIS ON A LIMITED BUDGET - How to do more for less

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See also: Paris for Free

, like any big city, can be an expensive place for visitors. The cost of living is higher in Paris than in other parts of France, and generally speaking the same is true of hotels and places to stay – though not necessarily for restuarants. Here are some tips and useful information to help you stretch your pounds, dollars or euros as far as they will go.....
     Before booking your trip to Paris, before booking a hotel, the first thing to do is to decide if you want to stay in the city (and as  Paris is a living European city, there are plenty of residential quarters and plenty of hotels throughout Paris "intra-muros"), or in the suburbs. You may even decide that it is in your interest to stay well outside Paris, and come in on a fast train for the day.

Where to stay in Paris  

Staying in central Paris: Advantages: access, time. If you are young and energetic, or even not-so-young and energetic, you can walk to and between a lot of the Paris tourist attractions. You'll save the cost of public transport, and the time and cost of commuting into the city. You'll also see a lot more of the city, as long as your eyes aren't glued to the sidewalk or pavement.

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     Disadvantages: hotels near the tourist areas are generally quite expensive; cheaper hotels are often in less attractive areas of the city, far from the tourist sights and attractions, or else on the edge. And if you come to Paris by car, parking will be a major extra cost.
     For some reasonably priced hotels (for their category), see the About-France.com  selection of good value Paris hotels.  You can also find some cheap independent central Paris hotels on the Small Paris hotels  page of the iHi hotel guide.

Staying in the suburbs of Paris: Advantages: hotels and hostels will on the whole be cheaper, and hotel rooms may be bigger. If you choose a hotel or hostel that is near a train station, access to central Paris can be relatively easy and quick. Check out hotels in the south east and south west suburbs. There are many suburban hotels belonging to the cheap budget chains such as Formule 1, or others, and these generally have parking space. Check out Paris hostels too.
     Disadvantages: check that the cheaper room cost is not offset by the extra travelling costs - though remember that it is advisable not to take your car into Paris. Also, if you stay outside Paris, you'll have less time to enjoy Paris by night.

How to travel round Paris:  

Don't buy the Paris Visite bus and metro pass online in advance, buy it when you arrive. Apart from the official site, other sites selling this pass charge inflated prices and high delivery costs.... up to 29.90 € for delivery to North America, and even more for "rest of the world". You can buy the pass at airports, main train stations, and all Paris urban transport stations.

What to see and do in Paris:  
      If your budget is limited, visit the Paris for Free page. Even the Louvre is free, if you know when to go or - in many cases - if you are under 26 !

General Budget Paris tips:

The dos and don'ts to make your dollars or euros or pounds go a bit further......


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