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HGV / truck driving in France - a thematic guide to France

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Specific HGV info for France HGV driving restrictions Tolls and ecotax road charges Secure HGV parking

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Essential information for HGVs and trucks in France

1. HGV driving restrictions in France

 Most heavy goods vehicles over 7.5 tonnes are banned from the French road and motorway network  every weekend between the hours of 10 p.m Saturday and 10 p.m Sunday.  
   There are exceptions for trucks carrying perishable produce or refrigerated produce, trucks servicing sporting events or trade fairs, and a few other cases.

Additional Summer weekend HGV bans in France.

The weekend truck ban is longer from early July to mid August, when HGVs are banned from Saturday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and then from Saturday 10 p.m. to Sunday 10 p.m. In other words, during these July and August weekends, there is a 3 hour window of opportunity on Saturday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. for HGVs to reach their destination or get out of France to a country without weekend HGV bans (unless the Saturday in question is a public holiday - see below.)

HGV's are also banned on public holidays, normally from 10 p.m the night before, until 10 p.m on the holiday itself. The two big summer public holidays in France are 14th July and 15th August. When these public holidays fall on a Saturday or Sunday, Lorries are banned 24/24. 

Paris area HGV restrictions:

Further restrictions apply for HGVs in the Paris area,
HGVs cannot enter the Paris area on Mondays and day following a public holiday, from 6 a.m to 10 a.m),
HGVs cannot leave the Paris area on Fridays and days preceding a public holiday, usually from 4 p.m. onwards.
This means that trucks cannot transit via the inner ring road of Paris (boulevard périphérique) during these hours.

HGV restrictions on Alpine motorways

There are also extra weekend lorry bans on Alpine motorways in February - though given the traffic jams that are possible here at the time, these routes are best avoided by anyone not needing to use them - lorries or cars, ban or no ban.
Other parts of Europe: Note that trucks are also banned on summer weekends in Italy and Germany (full ban Sundays, part ban on Saturdays).  Trucks are banned in Switzerland on Sundays.

Trunk roads not accessible to HGVs

There are a small number of trunk routes in France from which HGVs are permanently banned.
The most important of these are:
  • The underground section of the A86 Paris orbital motorway, round the northwest of Paris.
  • The N59 from Lunéville (Lorraine) to Sélestat (Alsace)
  • The N66 from Remiremont (Lorraine) to Cernay (Alsace)
  • The N73 from Chalon sur Saône (Burgundy) to Dole (Franche-Comté)
  • Motorways through the centre of Lyon (take the orbital routes)
In other places, HGVs may be banned from short sections of route, and obliged to use a nearby alternative.

2. HGV ecotax charges and motorway tolls

Ecotax postponed..... once more
On 29th October, the French government announced the suspension of the introduction of Ecotax charges.  After postponing the introduction from July 2013 to January 2014, the system has now been further delayed, and no date has yet been announced.
  But the tax will come into force one day, that is fairly certain.  The company in charge of administering the system has already spent 650 million euros installing 180 gantries and some 250 roadside cameras to record road usage by HGVs
Before too long, all HGVs over 3.5 tonnes entering France must be equipped with an "Ecomouv"  electronic ecotax charging box.  Further information on getting boxes can be found  here .
  The official map of the ecotaxed routes can be found here
   All main French non-toll dual carriageway routes are now equipped with HGV eco-tax cameras, placed on gantries across the carriageway. These record the passage of HGVs , which are billed via their Ecomouv box. There are no such gantries on toll motorways, and there is no further charge over and above the toll.

French HGV ecotax rates:

Basic price per km on taxable routes (2013)
  • Vehicles under 12 tonnes, with two axles :  8 centimes per kilometre
  • Vehicles over 12 tonnes, with two or 3 axles :  10 centimes per kilometre
  • Vehicles with four or more axles ; 14 cts. per kilometre.
These rates are subject to various reductions and increases

French motorway tolls for HGVs:

Most French motorways are toll routes. The price per kilometre varies from toll motorway to toll motorway, but generally speaking, for trucks or lorries it is between 18 centimes per kilometre and 35 cts./km
    There are two classes of tolls for HGVs : Class 3 tolls apply to lorries with two axels; class 4 tolls apply to vehicles with more than two axels - notably articulated trucks and semitrailers.
      Sample toll charge for HGVs:     
Paris - Strasbourg (480 km on motorways):
  • Class 3 toll 86.10 € ( 18 centimes per kilometre)
  • Class 4 toll 114.30 €  (24 centimes per kilometre)
  • Class 1 toll (cars)  (8 centimes per km.)
More information:

3.  Secure truck /  HGV parking areas on French motorways

There are a number of secure HGV parking areas on French motorways. Some are on service areas, others are a few hundred metres from the motorway. These areas provide secure lit parking for trucks 24/24 and 7/7, and are manned by security staff and watched closed-circuit TV cameras.
A1  Vermars west service area, southbound Lille-Paris only (Just before Paris)
A2  Valenciennes, exit 20 (Between Paris & Brussels) Off motorway park with 300 spaces.
A 10 junction 11 A10/A83 interchange. Off motorway secure parking for 40 trucks
A 16 exit 48 near Calais  Transmarck Polley secured lorry park. Off motorway, 210 spaces.
A 16 exit 48 near Calais  All4Trucks secured lorry park. Off motorway, 150 ->300 spaces.
NEW A 31 Junction 6, Langres south (between Reims and Dijon or Nancy & Dijon) Private off-motorway park.
A 43  L'Ile d'Abeau North service area, between Chambery and Lyon, Lyon direction only.
A 46 Lyon eastern orbital motorway. Communay service area secure truck park, south of Lyon
NEW A 7 Montelimar east service area. Between Lyon and Avignon.  129 places
NEW A 9  Lunel interchange. Near Nimes between Avignon and Montpellier
A9  Beziers - Exit 36 Beziers west.  Off motorway park with 330 spaces
A9  Narbonne - Exit 38 Narbonne south. Euro-Diesel Services truck park. Off motorway

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