Paris - the Eiffel Tower 

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Paris - The Eiffel tower

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Eiffel tower at sunsetThe Eiffel Tower 

Facts and practical information

Location:  Paris,
Region: Ile de France.
Height: 324 metres (1,063 ft)
First opened: 1889
Nearby attractions and other monuments: Musée des Invalides (Military museum), Musée d'Orsay (for the Impressionists), Musée d'Art Moderne (modern art), Seine river cruises

Warning : Buying tickets for the Eiffel Tower 

Strongly recommended: avoid queues and the risk of disappointment by buying your tickets  directly online ONLY from the official Eiffel Tower website (in English or other languages) before you go to Paris.
  Advance tickets can be bought on line in English, and printed out in your own home.  It couldn't be easier. The tower is not included in any of the visitor passes.
  Do not buy tickets online
from any other source (unless you want Eiffel tower access that is included as part of a bigger package - see "Practical" below). Resellers cannot offer faster "skip the line" tickets than the official site, whatever they say ; and many resellers, including the Paris tourist office, charge more for Eiffel tower tickets than the official site - in some cases a lot more. Be warned ! Check official ticket prices below before buying on any other site !

Alternatively, buy tickets at the entrance ..... but be prepared for a long queue ... or to find that everything is already sold out !

     For 41 years, from its inauguration in 1889 until 1930, the Eiffel Tower was the world's tallest man-made structure.
     That was just one of the many records it has held, or still holds. Others include the most visited paid-entrance tourist attraction in the world; and also one of the most recognised - if not the most recognised - structure in the world. As a symbol of Paris, it is known the world over.
    The Eiffel tower was designed by one of France's greatest 19th century engineers, Gustave Eiffel, as a gateway to the Paris Universal Exhibition, marking the centenary of the French Revolution (1789).
     It was originally put up on a 20-year lease, and should have been dismantled in 1909; but by then it had become such a landmark, and so popular, that the Paris city hall decided to keep it open – a decision that it has surely never regretted.
     The tower is built of 7300 tons of pig iron - remarkably little considering the height of the structure. When designing it, Eiffel - who was creating a structure like none other before - was particularly attentive to wind forces; sceptics thought that the tower was too high, and would be blown over in the first gale. Eiffel proved them wrong, and his design was so successful that even in the strongest wind, the top of the tower only moves by about 7 centimetres. This is less than it moves under the effect of strong summer sunshine which causes the metal on the south side to expand more than on the north.
     The Tower has three levels, and there are restaurants on the first and the second. Most visitors use the elevators (lifts) to the first and second levels, though there are stairs for the very energetic. Access to the top is by elevator only. Though elevators were part of the original structure, those in use today are modern replacements, and fully compliant with twenty-first century safety standards.
     The Eiffel Tower stands on the left bank of the Seine (the south bank) in a garden known as the Champ de Mars - or field of Mars, between the Seine and the Ecole Militaire. Obviously, on account of its height, the Eiffel Tower can be seen from places all over Paris, and notably from the heights of Montmartre or from the top of Notre Dame or from the Arc de Triomphe; but one of the best places to view it from a distance is just across the Seine, from the Esplanade of the Trocadero, right opposite.

Eiffel tower tickets & practical information

NB: Access to the Eiffel Tower is not included in any of the Paris visitor passes, notably the Paris Pass or the Museum Pass. Tickets are sold for a given date and time only. See below.

Tours including the Eiffel Tower
Check out the Paris City Vision website for Eiffel Tower tours, with or without a meal in the restaurant. The Eiffel Tower has three restaurants. Obviously, even when discounted, the price of tours, whether or not they include a meal in the Eiffel Tower are considerably more than the cost of normal acces tickets. But like other advance purchase tickets, they do provide fast-track skip-the-line access to the tower. 

Official Eiffel Tower ticket prices - 2016

Buy online from the official Eiffel Tower website
► 1st and 2nd floor only:

Adult: € 11.00  Youth age 12-24 :  € 8.50,  Child aged 4 to 11:  € 4.00
     Babies (under 4):  free
► Right to the top:
Adult: € 17.00  Youth age 12-24 :  € 14.50,  Child aged 4 to 11:  € 8.00
     Babies (under 4):  free  
Disabled and their helpers: same as child rate.
There are public toilets on the first and second levels, but not at the top level.
Metro: Bir Hakeim  (Line 6) or Ecole Militaire (Line 8)
Bus for Eiffel tower: lines 42  69  72  80  82  87

To save time and avoid queues for other Paris monuments, check out the Paris Pass , providing access to most museums plus tour buses, a Seine cruise and other attractions.

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The Eiffel tower in Paris, built in 1889,  is probably the most recognisable landmark in the world.

Eiffel Tower

Cheap Eiffel Tower tickets? Answer: No ! They don't exist.

If you see anyone, or any website, offering cheap Eiffel Tower tickets, don't be fooled. No one can sell cheap Eiffel Tower tickets, as the only place to buy tickets is the official website, or by queueing at the entrance.
   Tour organisers have to buy them there too, and there are no discounts. After all, why should the city of Paris, who own the tower, give discounts, when they get more than enough visitors without discounting ?

   So any one or any website claiming to offer cheap Eiffel Tower tickets or discounted Eiffel Tower tickets is either not being completely honest or else offering a discount on some package which includes a visit to the Tower.
  These tours exist, but the tour – whatever the discount – will by definition cost more than the normal price of entry to the Eiffel Tower.
Still, this may be what you want: here are a couple of examples. Click

See Buying tickets for further information

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Photo above:
The Eiffel Tower at the time of its opening for  the Universal Exhibition in 1889.

Sunset behind the Eiffel Tower - seen from the Place dela Concorde
Photo About-France.com

Looking across the Seine to the The Eiffel Tower, from the Trocadero
Photo Mark GGN - licence GNU
Eiffel tower from Trocadero