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Traffic black spots France
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Spring and Summer 2024

Below are the days on which to avoid the French motorway system if you possibly can, based on official traffic forecasts - from the French highways agency.

Black spots = the classic points of major congestion on the French motorway network on peak holiday weekends

Avoid the worst... see Routes through France including toll-free routes and routes to Spain

Avoid the Paris area during the time of the Olympics 26 July to 11 August 2024
Southbound  Northbound
2024 official information pending. Expected busy times
  • Green until the end of June except  Red  Wed 8th to Sunday 12th May   ( Victory Day + Ascension holiday)  and weekend of 18 - 20 May (Whitsun)
  • Summer weekends: orange or red on all routes every Friday and Saturday from  1st July to Friday 12th August.
  • Black Saturdays 2024 :   expected southbound on 13th, 20th, 27th July 2024

  • Red days  on all routes: other Saturdays in July and August 2024

  • Green until the end of June except  Red on Sunday 12th May   (end of  Victory Day + Ascension holiday)  and Sunday 20 May (Whitsun)
  • Summer weekends: orange or red on all routes every Saturday and Sunday from  1st July to Monday 15th August inclusive.
  • The worst weekends for travelling north : the last three weekends of  August.

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