Winter  Spring and Summer 2018

Here are the days on which to avoid the French motorway system if you possibly can.

  Official traffic forecasts - from the French highways agency

   Orange : delays likely in some places  
   Red= busy,  
traffic will move more slowly and delays probable
   Black = saturated : delays certain in busy spots



February 2018

  • Sat 10th Feb in east France and Alps
  • Friday 16th Feb in Alps
  • Saturday 17th Feb orange throughout France, black in Alps
  • Friday 23rd Feb in Alps
  • Saturday 24th Feb orange everywhere, black in Alps.


  • Orange every Saturday in the Alps area, except 24th
  • Friday 9th orange in Paris area
  • Friday 30th (Good Friday)  orange everywhere
  • Sat 31st :  main southbound motorways

April - May

  • Fri/Sat 13th & 14th, and 20th & 21st April in Paris area
  • Sat 28th April : orange everywhere
  • Friday 4th May Paris area
  • Saturday 5th May everywhere
  • Wed 9th May: Paris area
  • Thurs 10th May - southern half of France
  • Fri 18th and Sat 19th May : orange everywhere
  • Friday 18th May : red in Paris area

February 2018

  • Sat 17th orange in the Alps
  • Sat 24th orange everywhere, red in the Alps / Lyon sector

March 2018

  • Friday 2nd orange in Paris area
  • Sat 3rd and Sat 10th : orange in the Alps


  • Monday April 2nd (Easter monday) orange everywhere.
  • Sat 21st and 28th April: orange in the Paris area


  • Sunday May 6th : orange in the southern half of France, specially A7, A8, A9, A10
  • Sunday 13th May: red on all routes
  • Monday 21st May (Pentecost)  orange on all routes.
And into summer...
  • Green from 20th May to 28th June
  • Summer weekends: orange or red on all routes every Friday and Saturday from  29th June to 11th August.
  • Black Saturday:   4th August on all routes
  • Black  or red on all routes: Sat 11th August
And into summer
  • Green from 22nd May to 13th July
  • Sat 14th July orange in Rhone valley
  • Orange or red throughout France on Saturdays from 21st July to 25th August
  • Orange throughout on Sundays 12th 19th and 26th August
  • Orange on Fridays 10th, 17th and 24th August
  • The worst weekend for travelling north : Friday 17th - Sun 19th August

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