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The Last Judgement Tympanum, over the west portal of the Abbey-church of Sainte Foy at Conques, in the Aveyron, southwest France, is one of the finest romanesque portals in existence. Sculpted in the first half of the twelth century, the tympanum has been remarkably well preserved to this day, with much of the medieval colouring still surviving. The great state of preservation of these medieval sculptures is due on the one hand  to the relatively mild climate in this part of southwest France, on the other hand on account of this small town being well off the beaten track. Conques was, on the other hand, and indeed still is, a major stopping point on the great medieval pilgrimage route from Le Puy en Velay to Santiago de Compostella, in Spain. The tympanum was designed to remind pilgrims of the reason for their long and arduous trek across Europe - to achieve salvation (left half of the tympanum) and avoid being cas out into Hell (right half of the tympanum).
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