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SUBMIT YOUR SITE...... but only if it meets our guidelines.

About-France.com only partners with genuine travel information sites and bona-fide directories. We only link to sites that offer visitors relevant and appropriate information, complementary to information on About-France.com .  We welcome partnerships with other informative and content-rich travel sites, concerning France and other countries.

WE DO NOT LIST  PURELY COMMERCIAL SITES that have no authoritative content.
This means that we do not list  any of the following sorts of websites:
  • cheap hotels,
  • affiliate hotel booking sites,
  • affiliate travel service sites
  • individual hotel sites,
  • cheap flights,
  • car hire sites.
  • sites that have existed for less than one year
There are a million of these sites on Internet already, and with very few exceptions, the only reliable ones are the big well known names. So please don't waste your time or ours by submitting sites of this sort. They will NOT be listed. We are only interested in sites with real content. We are not interested in sites that just exist to get commission off other sites.

We welcome submissions only from genuine travel sites with original content,

To submit:  To establish a partnership with About-France.com, or submit a site, please use our get in touch form.
About-France.com reserves complete right to include or exclude sites from this directory according to circumstances.
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