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About-France.com is a website dedicated to providing clear, reliable, well-documented and useful information for travellers and tourists, and also useful information on France for students and anyone interested in learning about the country. This site is designed in particular for travellers coming from the United Kingdom, but more generally for travellers or students from any part of the world. Input and ideas are provided largely by academics, by people living in France, and by people with a professional interest in, or knowledge of, France.
   Unlike pages on several of the other travel websites on France, even quite high-profile ones, articles on About-France.com are all well-researched unbiassed and original work, written by people who know France well.

Statement of ethics
About-France.com does not copy texts from other websites. All articles are original. In short, we do not copy – we research, and publish, original work. Our travel pages do not use the customary hype and exaggeration of many travel sites. About-France.com describes places and things as they really are: we do not use superlatives to make exaggerated claims about the beauty of landscapes, the height of mountains, the picturesqueness of villages, or the old-fashioned ways of country-folk. France is not a sort of quaint real-life Disneyland, it is a modern European state;  our portrayal of France is pragmatic, real, and described from years of experience. Our policy is to provide clear and factual information on each subject, without bias or eulogising - information, in a nutshell, that will stand the test of reality.

Advertising : About-France.com accepts advertising for bona-fide travel-related or France-related products and services. We do not knowingly advertise any products or services relating to games of chance, pharmaceutical products, dating services, personal finance and credit, nor any sites promoting violence or intolerance.  Most advertising on About-France.com is "affiliate" advertising, from which a small commission on sales may be paid. We have carefully chosen a small number of merchants whose products or services (mostly hotels, travel tickets, and visitor attractions) are relevant to readers. If you want to understand more about affiliate advertising and how it works, please visit paidforadvertising.com/.

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About-France.com was founded and is edited by Andrew Rossiter,  formerly senior lecturer and head of department in a  French university. Andrew Rossiter lectured on cross-cultural studies, translation and tourism, specialising in cultural distinctions between France and the English-speaking world. He was a committee member of ANLEA, the French national Association for Applied Modern Languages,  a member of the French Association for British area studies CRECIB, the Urban and human environment research centre (CREHU), and other associations and research groups. He holds an MA in French from the University of Edinburgh, and a doctorate in French from the University of Besançon. He currently sits on the board of one of France's area tourist offices.

About-France.com welcomes informed and informative contributions from writers with a solid experience of living, working or travelling in France, and in particular from academics with an interest in French area studies or tourism.
Style: we invite informed, well written and well structured articles written in clear grammatical English. Avoid hyperbole (hype) and the exaggerated language and style of travel marketing.

Copyright notice: unless otherwise indicated, all texts on About-France.com are original copyrighted work.
Permission to reproduce information from About-France.com must be requested and obtained before material is reused. See contact information below.
Copyright waiver: Permission need not be requested for reproduction of information on educational or academic websites, as long as a visible and clickable link to about-france.com features on the page or on the site's main page. You must however inform About-France.com of any reuse of copyright material on your school or college website. See contact information below.

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