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French irregular verbs ending in -re

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Irregular verbs ending in -re

Hundreds of French verbs have an infinitive ending in -re. The biggest group is made up of verbs that are conjugated on the same model as the verb vendre. See Group 3 verbs.
The principal verbs in this group are attendre, confondre, correspondre, défendre , dépendre, descendre, détendre, entendre , étendre, fendre, fondre , mordre, pendre, perdre, prétendre, rendre, répandre, répondre, suspendre, tendre , tordre , vendre and verbs based on these.
Some grammars class these as irregular verbs, others do not.
There are also some other groups of irregular verbs ending in -re.

1. Verbs ending in-uire

The principal verbs in this group are conduire construire, cuire, déduire, détruire, induire, instruire, interdire, introduire, nuire, produire, réduire, reproduire, séduire, traduire
Sample verb conduire
Present tense: Singular Plural
1st Je conduis Nous conduisons
2nd Tu conduis Vous conduisez
3rd Il conduit Ils conduisent

Other tenses Future: Je conduirai. Preterite: Je conduisis. Perfect: J'ai conduit. Imperfect: Je conduisais

2. Verbs ending in-aindre, -eindre or -oindre

The principal verbs in this group are atteindre, contraindre, craindre, dépeindre, éteindre, feindre, joindre, peindre, plaindre, rejoindre, restreindre, teindre
Sample verb craindre
Point to note : Add a g in present tense plural, preterite and imperfect.
Present tense: Singular Plural
1st Je crains Nous craignons
2nd Tu crains Vous craignez
3rd Il craint Ils craignent
Other tenses Future: Je craindrai. Preterite: Je craignis. Perfect: J'ai craint. Imperfect: Je craignais

3. Verbs like mettre

The principal verbs in this group are battre, abattre, combattre, mettre, permettre, promettre, emettre, omettre
Sample verb mettre
Point to note : Just a single t in present tense singular
Present tense: Singular Plural
1st Je mets Nous mettons
2nd Tu mets Vous mettez
3rd Il met Ils mettent
Other tenses Future: Je mettrai. Preterite: Je mis. Perfect: J'ai mis. Imperfect: Je mettais

4. Verbs like prendre

The principal verbs in this group are prendre, apprendre, comprendre, entreprendre, surprendre
Sample verb prendre
Points to note : No t in 3rd person sing. present.
Double the n before a silent ending starting with e.
Present tense: Singular Plural
1st Je prends Nous prenons
2nd Tu prends Vous prenez
3rd Il prend Ils prennent
Other tenses Future: Je prendrai. Preterite: Je pris. Perfect: J'ai pris. Imperfect: Je prenais

5. Verbs like   connaître

The principal verbs in this group are paraître, disparaître, connaître,  reconnaître (but not naître)
Sample verb connaître
Point to note: The i has a circumflex before t
Present tense: Singular Plural
1st Je connais Nous connaissons
2nd Tu connais Vous connaissez
3rd Il connaît Ils connaissent
Other tenses Future: Je connaîtrai. Preterite: Je connus. Perfect: J'ai connu. Imperfect: Je connaissais

Other verbs:

This irregular verb guide  presents the main forms of the main irregular verb classes that need to be mastered by the student of French.

Other verbs and other tenses need to be mastered as and when they are encountered or required.

For the full conjugation of any French irregular verbs, recommends

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