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Warning about so-called hotel discount coupon offers

There are a lot of sites on the Internet supposedly offering discounts on hotel bookings.  Don't be fooled.  The main hotel websites such as Booking.comAccor hotelsHotels.com and others announce their special offers directly on their own sites. No need to waste your time looking for inexistent discount codes, or – more often – for discounts that are available directly for everyone on the hotel sites with no need for a special code.

Our main partners

Booking.com don't do discount coupons, so websites  offering Booking.com discount codes are pulling a fast one. But they do do special offers, and best price guarantees.  Offers are indicated on the website, and codes are not needed.  To find hotels in France, just use our Booking.com French hotel finder, or go straight to Booking.com.

Hotels.com have plenty of offers available directly on the home page of their website. If there is one going for the hotel you are wanting to book, you will have doubtless seen it already if you have already visited the Hotels.com website directly. Hotels.com's own website offer the best available price on hotels.

Those discounted offers .....

You'll find them directly on the hotel websites listed above, and other similar well-known sites. The last thing that the hotel websites want is to offer users of some little-known bargain-basement website prices that are cheaper than those they offer customers directly.  That would be doubling their losses... both lower prices than they are offering directly, and commission to pay on those lower prices too.

  In addition, remember that hotels are businesses; they don't give special cheap rates unless there is a reason for doing so; like out of season, or the days when they know they get less business than usual. If they offer "three nights for the price of two",  that offer will be reflected on their own sites.

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