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Practical information and other useful pages

Travel pages - route maps - getting to and round France
(by road, by rail, by air, by cycle, on foot)

Driving in France - Key pages:

Vehicle hire:

Routes across France

Other ways to get around

General information

By plane

By train

Other forms of travel

Tourism in France pages:

Key page:

General pages

Rural France


Tourist sites and monuments :

France regional and area tourist guides

Key pages:

Subject pages


France divided into six tourist areas:

The Regions of France, A-Z, in more detail.

Area and city guides:


Printable PDF maps

Living and leisure, with food & drink:

Accommodation and hotel pages:

Key pages:

Subject pages


French language & grammar

Key page:

French  institutions, politics, economy, facts 

 Key pages and hub pages:

Subject pages

Cultural background website.  

* the few pPages that are not adapted to viewing on small screens are historic archive pages from the early years, and some map pages where shrinking maps would render them illegible. is a thematic guide to France, with over 200 pages of useful information about tourism and travelling in France, and also about French life, living in France, French language and French culture. Bookmark this site for further use.

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