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Low cost hotel accommodation in Paris

Chose an area Central Paris area Northwest: Champs Elysees North: Clichy - Pigalle - Mont­martre
Southwest: Eiffel tower - Invalides South: Montpar­nasse Place d'Italie East: Bastille, Nation


Read this first....

Let's get real !! Don't fall for those ads on the Internet announcing fabulous cheap Paris hotels from 32 € or from just $40. Yes of course, no kidding...  if you're travelling mid November and are happy to stay in a flea-pit or cramped four to a tiny room, or both, you can find rates like this.. Even cheaper maybe....  But that's not what most tourists are looking for. The very cheapest rooms in tourist style hotels in Paris in 2020 generally come in at at least 70 € a night.... and most of those at this price leave a lot to be desired.  
   Our selection covers well-reviewed hotels with a ranking of between unclassed and two-stars, plus some budget three-star hotels. Almost all hotels listed on this page have at least some double rooms available for less than 100 € a night in April 2020.  
   But before anyone gets too excited, let's be perfectly clear and honest about cheap hotels in Paris. It's important not to get carried away. Scroll down this page to discover our selection of twenty of the best inexpensive hotels in Paris. We have selected hotels taking into account the rates advertised and  genuine user reviews posted on the hotel booking sites with which we are partnered.

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Central Paris (Right bank and left bank of the Seine)

Northwest central Paris (Champs Elysées area, north of the Seine)

This is the most expensive area of Paris for hotels. It is unusual to find any hotel offering rooms for under 100 € a night, except in the lowest season. It covers the 8th, 16th and southern part of the 17th districts of Paris

North central Paris (Clichy, Montmartre, Pigalle, Gare du Nord ...)

Southwest central Paris (Eiffel tower area - south of the Seine)

East central Paris (Gare de Lyon, Bastille, Nation, la Villette..)

South central Paris  (Montparnasse,  Place d'Italie... ) 

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Paris street

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