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Car hire in France

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Compare and book low-cost car hire in France

Get the best offers from a range of international or local suppliers

Find the best offers from a rang of suppliers


and more.
Use the search box to find the best rates at locations throughout France


Gites in France will compare offers from a range of suppliers at your chosen location, including Hertz, Alamo, Budget, Dollar, Thrifty and more.
    Hiring a car in France is as easy as doing so in any other country. Low-cost car hire facilities as well as the big names in car hire are available at all airports, all main rail stations, and at many other locations within towns and cities.
Are low-cost car-hire companies reliable ?  
Yes, otherwise they would not stay in business ! Mostly, they are in fact car hire agents (like travel agents, only just for car hire), who find and negotiate the cheapest rates possible with the companies who actually provide the rental cars.
For example, if you use Holidayautos you may well pick up your vehicle from one of the well-known car hire companies such as ; Alamo,  Hertz Europcar,   Avis   etc.... only at a discounted rate not available to people booking directly. And the others work in the same way.

Car hire in France : important information :

To hire a car in France you must be at least 21 years old; some car-hire firms will not hire vehicles to drivers under 25.  You must hold a valid drivers license from your country of origin, and you must have held this licence for a year or more. 
You will need to show this license when picking up your vehicle.
Temporary visitors (tourists)  from other European Union countries, the United Kingdom and some other countries do not need an International driving licence.  However they may need to show a passport or national identity card.

Visitors from Asia, Australia, Africa, and many parts of the Americas (including some US states) must also have an International Driving License. This is true whether hiring a rental car or driving a vehicle that is put at your disposal under any other circumstances, i.e. lent by friend or family, company car, or long-term leasing. It is advisable to check with your local driving organisation, tour operator, or the local French embassy if you are in any doubt as to whether you need this document. An international driving license is a document you will need to obtain in your own country, before coming to France. is not a car hire company;  the role of this web page  is to allow travellers to compare cheap car hire options offered by a number of companies and/or brokers, and to book their vehicle on line using the services of the companies concerned.
    By clicking the Find your Car box above, you will leave, and be taken to
  Any booking contract made through this site is a contract between you, the user, and the car hire company selected. Under no circumstances can be considered as party to or guarantor of any  contract entered into by users of this website.  Travellers are reminded that it is unusual for car hire companies to guarantee a specific model of car; in virtually all cases, advanced bookings will guarantee a specific type of car (compact, economy, limousine, etc.), but not a specific model. This is true even with the largest operators, except when specific  terms of the vehicle rental contract guarantee a particular make of vehicle and/or  model.

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