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 The Paris metro is the city's subway or underground railway system, and is a good way for getting round Paris.  This plan shows just central Paris, including most of the main tourist attractions such as Notre Dame cathedral and the Eiffel Tower, and main Paris railway stations. See below for nearest metro stops for main Paris attractions   .  


This map only shows the central area of Paris. It includes the principal tourist attractions.
MAP KEY :  Numbers 1 to 14 designate traditional metro subway lines;
letters A to E represent the Paris rapid transitlines, the "R.E.R."
Within central Paris, tickets and passes are valid on both, and passengers can connect between routes

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Nearest metro stations for main Paris monuments and attractions

Monument / attraction Metro lines and stations
Eiffel Tower: Metro line 6 - Bir Hakeim or Metro line 8 Ecole Militaire. RER C: Champ de Mars
The Louvre: Metro lines 1 and 7 - Palais royal - Musée du Louvre
Notre Dame cathedral: Metro line 4 Cité ,  RER B and RER C: Saint Michel - Notre Dame
Arc de Triomphe: Metro lines 1, 2 and 6 : RER A -  Etoile - Charles de Gaulle
Sacré Coeur de Montmartre: Metro line 2 - Anvers.  Metro line 3 Abbesses 
Centre Pompidou: Metro line 11 - Rambuteau (or several metro and RER lines: Châtelet).
Bercy omnisports centre Metro lines 4 or 5 - Bercy
Disneyland Paris : RER A - Marne la Vallée (terminus)
To check out these places and more on the plan of Paris, see Paris tourist attractions map

For a full version of the Paris metro map, including the suburbs, visit the Paris Urban Transport website
The map on this page is adapted by About-France.com from an original by Rigil. Published under the GNU free documentation licence.

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