Hotels in the French Alps

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Selected hotels in a choice of French Alpine ski resorts

A selection of carefully chosen hotels. All the hotels listed on the map below have good reviews on various hotel review and comparison sites and all have been recommended by travellers who have stayed in them.
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A hand picked reliable choice of budget, mid-range and luxury hotels 


Map Key:
Luxury hotels: Five star or prestige four star hotels
Boutique hotels (small, quality hotels )
Four-star and quality three star hotels
Budget and economy hotels

Map of the French Alps showing selected ski resort hotels..

 A hand-picked choice of hotels in a selection of resorts, including Chamonix, Megève, Courchevel and others.
To bring you the best choice of hotels at the best rates possible, About-France.com is partnered with Hotels.com, Radisson, and other operators.


Please note: many resort hotels are closed for several months out of season. "No rooms available" may mean "Not open at the dates you want".


For obvious reasons, hotels in ski resorts tend to be large – and prices are generally higher than in other parts of "rural France".  This is particularly true of hotels that are located close to the ski-slopes, hotels from which you can pull on your skis outside the hotel, and ski across to the ski-lift or the cable-car, from the doorstep. Quality for quality, hotels will be normally cheaper if they are further from the slopes – or further down the valley.
   For the best luxury skiing holidays, there are top-class boutique hotels in the main resorts such as Courchevel Chamonix or M�ribel, offering all the refinements including pools and saunas and top quality restaurants. For more on the different ski resorts, please refer back to French Alpine Ski resorts

About this selection of hotels.
About-France.com is an independent user-supported website that does not track visitors and carries very little advertising, Links to carefully selected affiliate partner websites, including Booking.com and Hotels.com, may generate commission on sales at no cost to the user.

Most hotel listing sites offer up a massive choice of hotels, chosen only for commercial reasons. To find a good hotel, visitors then need to trawl through dozens of pages, comparing , eliminating and short-listing.  
   At About-France.com, we've done this work for you.
   For a wider choice of hotels throughout the French Alps, click one of the buttons to find a chice of hotels selected by category - budget, midscale or luxury.

   For a more select list, click on buttons on the map. About-France.com has picked out a short slection of well-recommended hotels, with colour-coded map markers indicating different types of hotel.
Map Key: (clickable markers
Upscale classic independent hotels with character
Boutique hotels - less than 45 rooms
Smaller independent hotels offering good value
Four-star and quality three star hotels 
Budget and economy hotels - 2 or 3 stars

The list of hotels that  is short, because we have only selected hotels that have got consistently good recommendations from people who have stayed in them. Each hotel can be booked - usually with a low price match guarantee - by clicking on the marker. And if you like the area, but don't like a particular hotel (for instance, you want a 4-star hotel, not a 2-star hotel, or vice-versa), you'll find links on its page to other hotels in the vicinity.

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