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2021 Holiday week planner for France

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IMPORTANT !  Covid-19.  This table does not take into account – indeed cannot take into account – the extension or removal of Covid-19 travel restrictions in France / Europe in the course of 2021. It shows the busy / less busy weeks as would be expected in a 2021 free of Covid travel restrictions
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Use the table below to check the peak holiday weeks, when tourist traffic is heaviest and resorts most crowded, the intermediate weeks , and the off-peak weeks when holiday traffic is lightest, and hotels and resorts least crowded.
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French school holiday dates  2020 - 2021

Key: Busiest holiday weeks _____ Busy weeks _____ :
Recommended off peak weeks (winter) _____ :  spring to  autumn ______

Special events (throughout France) are highlighted in yellow:
  • Bank holidays (public holidays) are marked in red. See Public holidays
  • Museums Saturday 15th May Nuit des Musées - hundreds of museums open free until 1 a.m.
  • European Gardens weekend:  weekend  5th  - 6th June 2021 - Journées des Jardins - thousands of public and private gardens all over France open for free visits. Some only open this weekend.
  • Music night: Fête de la Musique: Midsummer's Day. Many free concerts, plus music in the streets in most towns until midnight or later. In 2021 it's a Monday night.
  • European Heritage Days - 18th - 19th Sept. Journées du Patrimoine: an opportunity to visit monuments that are not usually open to the public, as well as those that are. Special guided tours at many locations.
  • NB: Weeks in the table below are indicated Saturday to Saturday inclusive, in line with common holiday accommodation and package booking habits.

Winter and Spring Summer and Autumn
Holiday status / special events
Holiday status / special events
Week 1: 26 Dec. - 2 Jan. French and Belgian schools on holiday

Week 27: 26 June - 3 July
Week 2: 2 Jan. -  9 Jan.

Week 28: 3 July - 10 July French school summer holidays 
Week 3: 9 Jan. - 16 Jan.
Week 29: 10 July - 17 July Public Holiday: Wednesday 14th July
French school summer holidays
Week 4: 16 Jan. - 23 Jan.

Week 30: 17 July - 24 July French school summer holidays
Week 5: 23 Jan. - 30 Jan.

Week 31: 24 Jul. - 31 July. French school summer holidays
Week 6: 30 Jan. - 6  Feb.

Week 32: 31 July. - 7 Aug. French school summer holidays
Week 7: 6 Feb. - 13 Feb. School holidays France -
zone A - 

Week 33: 7 Aug. - 14 Aug. French school summer holidays
Week 8: 13 Feb. - 20 Feb.  School holidays France -
zone A
School holidays France -
zone C - Paris area
School holidays Belgium

Week 34: 14 Aug. - 21 Aug. Public Holiday: Sunday 15th August
French school summer holidays
Week 9: 20 Feb. - 27 Feb.  School holidays France -
zone C - Paris area
School holidays France -
zone B
Belgian schools on holiday

Week 35: 21 Aug. - 28 Aug
Week 09: 27 Feb. - 6 Mar. School holidays France -
zone B

Week 36: 28 Aug. - 4 Sep. French schools go back: Wednesday 1st Sept
Week 10: 6 Mar. - 13 Mar.

Week 37: 4 Sep. - 11 Sep.
Week 12: 13 Mar. - 20 Mar.
Week 38: 11 Sep. - 18 Sep. 19th - 20th Sept Heritage Days
Week 13: 20 Mar. - 27 Mar

Week 39: 18 Sep. - 25 Sep.
Week 14: 27 Mar. - 3 Apr.

Week 40: 25 Sep - 32 Oct.
Week 15: 3 Apr. - 10 Apr.
Week 41: 2 Oct. - 9 Oct.
Week 16: 10 Apr. - 17 Apr. Public Holiday 5th April Easter Monday
School holidays France -
zone A
Belgian schools on holiday

Week 42: 9 Oct. - 16 Oct.
Week 17: 17 Apr. - 24 Apr School holidays France -
zone C Paris region
School holidays France -
zone A

Week 43: 16 Oct. - 23 Oct. French schools on holiday 
Week 18: 24 Apr - 1 May Public Holiday: -
Saturday 1st May
zone C Paris region
School holidays France -
zone B

Week 44: 23 Oct. - 30 Oct French schools on holiday 

Week 19: 1 May -  8 May Public Holidays: -
Saturday 8th May - VE Day
School holidays France - zone B

Week 45: 30 Oct. - 6 Nov. Public Holiday: Toussaint,  Monday 1st Nov.
Belgian school half term.
Week 20: 8 May - 15 May Public Holiday: Thursday 13th May - Ascension Day
Week 46: 6 Nov. - 13 Nov. Public Holiday: Armistice day Saturday 11th Nov.
Week 21: 15 May - 22 May
Sat 15th May: Museums night - Free entry until 1 a.m

Week 47: 13 Nov. - 20 Nov.
Week 22: 22 May - 29 May Public Holiday: Monday 24th May - Pentecôte (Whit Monday - France)

Week 48: 20 Nov. - 27 Nov.
Week 23: 29 May - 5 June Sat 5th June : Gardens weekend
Week 49: 27 Nov. - 4 Dec.
Week 24: 5 June - 12 June Sun 6th June : Gardens weekend

Week 50: 4 Dec. - 121 Dec.
Week 25: 12 June - 19 June
Week 51: 11 Dec. - 18 Dec.
Week 26: 19 June - 26 June Sunday 21st June - Fête de la Musique
Week 52: 18 Dec. - 25 Dec French school holidays
Belgian school holidays
* French school holiday zones: France is divided into three parts for certain school holiday dates. Zone C is notably the Greater Paris area + the extreme south of France (Provence - Languedoc-Pyrenees), and the zone that causes most extra holiday traffic on the roads. Full details on French school holiday zones
Points worth bearing in mind:

Driving conditons: in busy holiday/ vacation periods, motorways towards holiday areas (and from holiday areas) are busiest at the weekend, particularly on Saturdays. During other periods of the year, Saturdays and Sundays are the best time to travel, as traffic is lighter, and there are less lorries / trucks on the roads. See Driving in France for more details.
Hotels, attractions, restaurants: Out of season, and specifically in places where tourism is the main industry, many hotels, restaurants and attractions are closed. Those that are open are often cheaper out of season that at peak periods. For more information about hotels, attractions, eating out, visit:

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