Selected central Paris hotels map
Selected central Paris hotels map

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Plan of central Paris with a choice of conveniently located hotels  

A carefully selected choice of 30 Paris hotels, chosen for their location, user-reviews, good value and general qualities.  Some are big, some are small. Room rates for  2022  for two people vary from under 100 € a night for standard rooms in some two star hotels, to several times that amount for suites in luxury hotels. Rates vary according to the time of year, and for the time being in function of the Covid situation in France and internationally, so don't expect to find fantastic bargain rates during peak tourist periods.
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Use the slider or mouse-wheel to zoom in for more map detail ; use arrows to move the map.

Map Key:
Luxury hotels: Five star or prestige four star hotels
Boutique hotels (small, quality hotels )
Four-star and quality three star hotels
Budget and economy hotels
Eco-friendly hotels

This map shows a selection of hotels in central Paris, including budget hotels, mid-range hotels, boutique hotels and luxury hotels. Generally speaking, hotels close to the centre of Paris tend to be more expensive, those further out, or near the main railway stations, are less expensive.  Like London, Paris has its "west end", where property prices are high, and hotels and hotel rates reflect this fact of life. Paris's "west end" comprises much of the western half of central Paris, to the north and south of the Seine, and includes the areas north and south of  the Champs Elysées, around the Eiffel Tower and the Champ de Mars, and most of the 7th, 8th, 16th and 17th "arrondissements" of Paris. Hotels in north eastern Paris are generally cheaper, as this is a less expensive area of Paris; but it is also a part of Paris that is some distance from the main visitor attractions.
Click here for more general information about choosing a hotel in Paris  or check out our selections of best value Paris hotels and of cheap Paris hotels .

More Accommodation ideas   Home page -  Site search  -  Regions  -  Maps of France  -  Contact - the connoisseur's guide to France is an independent user-supported website that does not track visitors, We may receive commission from sales made on selected partner websites reached through affiliate links.

In order to propose a good and varied choice of hotels, for all budgets, selects from among hotels offered by a range of hotel companies, not just a single booking portal.  Our partners include and, and more.

Before listing any hotel, checks out user reviews on a range of travel review websites. If a hotel is listed anywhere on, it is there because it has been well reviewed by independent travelers. However, as regards budget hotels, particularly in Paris, we may list hotels with reviews that are more mixed. With this type of hotel, the main criteria are cost, location, and cleanliness. It is not uncommon to find reviews critical of  budget hotels because the rooms are small, or there's no service, or the furniture looks old. But you get what you pay for!  Don't expect three-star quality from a low-cost hotel located in an expensive city!

Hotel selection criteria: All hotels on this map have been selected on account of their location, close to popular tourist attractions. Direct online booking generally includes the best special discounted rates on offer from the hotel. Use the slider to zoom in on the map; use arrows to move the map.

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A choice of hotels on the outskirts of Paris  Independent hotels chosen for location, accessibility and good reviews
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