The Tour de France  - 2017

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Tour de France cycle race
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The Tour de France

 France's greatest sporting event 

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Starting on July 1st in D�sseldorf, Germany, the 2017 Tour de France will be essentially a discovery of the hilly and mountainous parts of France, i.e. concentrated in eastern France and the south of France.
  During the early stages, riders will visit Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. After that, the 2017 route of the Tour de France will take them through the wooded hills of the Vosges, then into the Jura mountains of Franche Comt�., and the steep pre-alpine hills of the Bugey.
   the Tour then moves to the Dordogne, for a first rest-day at P�rigueux, before crossing the plains of  Aquitaine, to reach the Pyrenees. There will be just two days in the Pyrenees this time, including the shortest day's leg of the tour for many years, on Friday 14th, after which riders head north again from Blagnac (on the outskirts of Toulouse), through the Tarn and the Aveyron to Rodez, last visited in 2015.
    After a trip over the high plateaux of the Loz�re, one of the most sparsely populated areas in France, riders will take a second rest day at the delightful small cathedral city of Le Puy en Velay.  Next day will take them across the Monts du Forez , the eastern range of the Massif Central, and on to the Rhone-Alpes region, for a day in the northern Alps. After that, it's a day in the Provence Alps and another in High Provence, before a day in and around Marseille, before the traditional final day with a finish along the Champs Elys�es in Paris.

Accommodation for the Tour de France
All hotel rooms in and around the start and finish points get booked up very fast by the teams and the media.
To avoid disappointment, check out available hotel rooms as soon as possible,  using the major online portals  booking.com  or Hotels.com

Tour de France 2017  

The 2017 Tour de France will start on Saturday July 1st July in D�sseldorf, Germany.

Stage Date Day’s route (towns, regions) and terrain Length in Km.
Start + prologue Sat 1st July Dusseldorf (Germany) 13
2nd Stage Sun 2 July Dusseldorf (Germany) to Li�ge (Belgium) 202
3rd Stage Mon 3 July Verviers (Belgium) to Longwy  (Lorraine) 202
4th stage Tues.4th July Mondorf les Bains (Luxembourg) to Vittel  (Lorraine) 203
5th stage Wed 5th July Vittel  (Lorraine) to La Planche des Belles filles - ( Franche-Comt�) 160
6th stage Thurs 6th July Vesoul  ( Franche-Comt�) to Troyes - (Champagne) 216
7th stage Fri 7th July Troyes - (Champagne) to Nuits St. Georges ( Burgundy) 214
8th stage Sat 8th July Dole to Les Rousses (Franche-Comt�) 187
9th stage Sun 9th July Nantua to Chamb�ry  (Rh�ne Alpes) 181
Rest day Mon 10th July Dordogne
10th stage Tues 11th July P�rigueux to Bergerac   (Dordogne 178
11th stage Wed 12th July Eymet to Pau (Aquitaine ) 202
12th stage Thur 13th July Pau  (Aquitaine ) to Peyragudes (Midi Pyr�n�es)
13th stage Friday 14th July Saint Girons to Foix  (Midi Pyr�n�es) 100
14th stage Sat. 15th July Blagnac to Rodez  (Midi Pyr�n�es) 181
15th stage Sun 16th July Laissac  to Le Puy en Velay  (Auvergne) 189
Rest day Mon 17th July Rest day -   Le Puy en Velay
16th stage Tue July 18th Le Puy en Velay  (Auvergne)   Romans sur Is�re  (Rh�ne Alpes) 165
17th stage Wed 19th July La M�re to Serre Chevalier (Rh�ne Alpes) 183
18th stage Thur 20th July Brian�on to Col d'Izoard (Haute Provence) 178
19th stage Fri 21st July Embrun to Salon de Provence (Provence) 220
20th stage Sat 22nd  July La Ciotat (Provence) to Marseille 23
21st Stage Sun 23rd July Montgeron to  Paris - Champs Elys�es 105

Total length:  to be announced
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Tour de France Pyrenees

RodezRodez -  Arrival on 15th July

Le Puy  ( rest day on  17th July )
Tour caravan
Part of the "caravan" - that preceeds the  riders round the course.

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