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Know the days of the week in French

and other useful expressions of time

A short guide to the expressing days of the week in French and other common expressions related to them. The pronunciations indicated are an appproximation of the French pronunciation for learners or travellers who do not master French phonetics. The combination [zh] is pronounced like the s in the middle of the English word leisure.  [eu] is pronounced to rhyme with the English words fur or stir, but without pronouncing the rinal [r].  
English French Pronounced
Monday lundi lun-dee
Tuesday mardi mar dee
Wednesday mercredi mare creu dee
Thursday jeudi zheu dee
Friday vendredi von-drer- dee
Saturday samedi sam-dee
Sunday dimanche dee-monsh
Other phrases
Today aujourd'hui oh-zhoor dwee
Yesterday hier ee-air
Tomorrow demain deu-ma
The day before yesterday avant-hier avon-tee-air
The day after tomorrow après-demain appray- deur-ma
In three days time dans trois jours don trwar zhoor
Four days ago il y a quatre jours eel ee are katr zhoor
The next day le lendemain leu londer man
The previous day la veille la vaye
A week une semaine une sir-main
A fortnight - two weeks quinze jours cans-zhoor

Some more useful expressions of time :

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What day is it today?  
 On est quel jour aujourd'hui?  on ay kel zhoor oh-zhoor-dwee

Twenty-four hours a day
Vingt-quatre heures par jour.  Van-katr-eur pa zhoor

As soon as possible
Dès que possible  day keu poss-eeb-leu
au plus vite  oh plu veet

Whenever you like
Quand vous voudrez  con voo voudray

Not yet
pas encore   parse oncor

Bientôt    bjann tow

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