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Driving in France - a checklist

Papers, equipment ... what you must have with you when driving in France

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This page provides an initial checklist: for a lot more tips and useful information, visit the main Driving in France page on About-France.com
Driving in France is perfectly easy, and does not need any specific preparation. Nevertheless, there are a number of things that need to be seen to before starting your journey - particularly if you are coming from the United Kingdom or the Irish Republic, or another country where cars drive on the left.

Checklist :

Choose where to stay in
rural France 
French gite and B&B locator maps

Book directly in English with the owners 
Here is a quick checklist of the points to see to before you leave. For details see below.

Much more key information  on driving in France
Visit the main About-France.com  Driving in France page, for much more useful information on taking a car to France, including information on:

French motorway tolls
Road numbers, roadsigns and secondary routes
Avoiding Paris
Avoiding heavy traffic
Petrol prices in France
HGV restrictions
Speed limits & cameras
Driving south from Calais
Stopping for the night
Accidents - what to do in the event of an emergency
Motorway hotels and route guides:
To south and southwest France: routes via Rouen
►To To southeast France: A26 - routes via Reims

Alignement de platanes - row of plane trees
For quiet B&B accommodation, check out the B-and-B in France website.

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Routes through France
Driving from Calais: click map for enlargement and details.

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Many country roads in France are remarkably quiet.
Quiet country roads....

Photo Joe Schlabotnik. Licence CC

Motorway driving in France is normally quite relaxed...  but not always...
winter driving France

Winters can be hard, particularly in central and eastern France
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low-cost car hire in France

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