A Tourism map of France

the Seine at Paris
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A tourist map of France
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What to see and where to go in France 

A carefully selected tourism map of France. Discover the best places to visit in France, not just the most popular ones.  As well as locating the best big tourist cities, this map shows the most interesting and attractive smaller cities, interesting small towns - many of them well off the usual tourist trails - a choice of the most beautiful French villages (not just those that are signed up to the"most beautiful villages" network), chateaux and other monuments, and some of the finest sites or areas of natural heritage in France. Use the key on the left (or below on small screens)
Click on any marker for a short description.
   Most descriptions include a link to regional information or thematic information.
Use the slider or mouse-wheel to zoom in for more map detail ; use arrows to move the map.

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A map of the best places to see and visit in France.  Zoom in to separate markers

The About-France.com selection – a unique choice of interesting places to stay and places to visit in France.

It is not a map that shows everything there is to see or do in France; that would be pointless and very hard to use. Nor is it a standard list of all the most popular or the most visited places in France; it is an original selection of a lot of the most interesting places to visit.

  You will find on this map many of the most popular tourist sites in France, but not all of them.  The map shows France's most emblematic historic monuments, but it  also includes a good number of very interesting and/or attractive places in France that are not on the main tourist circuits: interesting small towns, attractive villages that are not overrun by tourists, even during the peak summer holiday period, some of France's most magnificent natural heritage areas, and many hidden gems,towns and villages that are very attractive in their own right, but may be off the tourist trail, or overshadowed by some other nearby attraction.

  This map does not, cannot, show all the tourist sites that France has to offer; there are just too many of them. A choice has been made to show just a manageable selection throughout France. For more ideas in any part of France, consult the About-France.com Best of France guide,  regional guides to France or thematic guides :

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Map Key: clickable markers
The most interesting large cities in France to visit : lots of things to see
Interesting smaller cities with plenty to see. May include cathedrals, museums and much more
Attractive and interesting small towns
A selection of villages with local character
Prehistoric sites
Roman monuments
Fine churches or cathedrals (not already included in markers above) 
Chateaux, castles and other historic monuments
Memorial sites
Railways, bridges, industrial archaeology and museums
Theme parks, zoos and other attractions
Wine   Vineyards map
Natural heritage sites
Mountain areas
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