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Rotterdam to Rouen  -  Brussels to Brittany   E19  +  E44 


Route guide showing hotels easy to find from the motorway 

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Interactive map showing hotels that are very easy to reach from the motorway

Hotels met gemakkelijke toegang vanaf de snelweg

Hotels near motorway exits on the  Rotterdam - Brussels - Rouen / Caen route

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► ZOOM IN for detailed road maps.  Click any marker on the map and an info-bubble will show up with details of the hotel in that location. There are plenty of motorway exits that lead to hotels: but it is not always easy to find them. The hotels listed on this map have been specifically chosen because they really are close to the exit, and are easy to find. Click a  bubble to open up a brief information window, with essential information for the hotel, and a link for immediate online booking.

Only hotels that are close to motorway exits and easy to find

Route description / Wegbeschrijving

  The  E19  -  E44   route towards is the best and fastest  and fastest route for holidaymakers wanting to reach western France (Normandy, Brittany, the Loire valley and the Atlantic coast) from Brussels, Rotterdam or further northeast. Until the junction with the French  A1   motorway, it is also the best way to reach Paris.

Through Holland and Belgium

   The  E19   in the south of the Netherlands is the Dutch  A16   motorway; on entering Belgium, after Breda, it becomes the Belgian  A1   motorway, which is followed as far as Brussels.
    On reaching Brussels, follow the city ring road round the west of the city, following  E19   Bergen - Charleroi.   Continue following Mons & Charleroi, and in due course "Paris" will also appear on the direction boards. Eventually just keep following Mons and Paris, on the Belgian  A7  /  E19 .

Through France

   On entering France, the E19 becomes the French  A2   motorway, but is still marked  E19  .  Follow the  A2   in the direction of Paris. After Valenciennes, you will be on a toll motorway. Pick up a ticket at the toll gate, and pay on exit.  Follow Cambrai and Paris. After Cambrai, you will join the main French  A1   motorway, from Lille. Follow the  A1   southwards (in the direction of Paris) for 15 km, as far as junction 8. Exit at Junction 8, following signs for  A29   for Amiens. You have now stopped following "Paris" and E19 .; follow Amiens and Rouen and the   E44 .
   At Amiens, continue round the south of the city, following the signs for Rouen. The  A29  /   E44   briefly joins the northbound  A16  : follow Rouen / Calais. Follow the A16 northwards for 2 km, until the exit for  A29   /  E44  in the direction of Rouen and Le Havre.
   Shortly before Rouen, just after exit 11, you will come to a dividing of motorways - southwest to Rouen on the   A28  and southwest and central France, or west on the  A29   E44   towards Le Havre, Caen, Rennes and western France north of the Loire.

For central western France, continue with this page and map : Calais to southern France

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