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Covid passes -  "Le pass sanitaire" and masks

Update for  2024.

There are currently no restrictions on visitors arriving in France from other countries.

Proof of covid-compliance
is no longer required for entry into bars,  restaurants, shops and other public places including museums. Facemasks however remain recommended for  passengers using public transport.
   Facemasks are recommended, and may be required, for entry to hospitals and care homes, but no longer for entry into France. A "health pass" can be one of three things: a vaccination certificate on paper or on your phone, proof of a recent negative test, or proof that you have recently had covid.

   Take care: Covid is not over. Cases were on the rise again in the last months of 2023. 

 How to get a covid vaccination pass or health pass - if you need oneWhat to do depends on where you are resident  (not on your nationality).

1. Visitors from the European Union, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, the United Kingdom (England  Wales and NI) or Switzerland.
Your domestic covid pass is valid in France. Just present the QR code of your local Covid vaccination certificate, on your phone or on paper.

. Visitors from other countries (including the USA and Canada)
Visitors can obtain a pass from certain pharmacies in France.  They will need to show a passport and a certificate of vaccination
►► this link to the official website for more details in English, with a list of pharmacies by region. Use the zoomable map of France to find a pharmacy offering this service.

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