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Order wine directly from estates all over France, for home delivery to  Europe

Sorry, as a consequence of Brexit, this service can no longer be offered to people living in the United Kingdom. French wine producers look forward to being able to offer great wines directly to their UK customers again as soon as normal and historic trading relations between the UK and Europe are resumed.

Ordering wine straight from the producer, and having it delivered to your doorstep is not as complicated as many people would imagine.  In fact, thanks to a recently established  online wine market, it is relatively simple and cheap.
Avenue des Vins is not a wine store; it is an online market-place allowing consumers to buy directly from an ever-growing number of wine estates across France.  Over 3000 different references are currently available,  starting at under 5 €uros a bottle and going up to a few wines that come in at over 100 €.  The range of wines available includes Bordeaux and Burgundies,  Loire wines, wines from Provence, and from all the main French wine regions.  There are almost 800 French Champagnes and sparkling wines to choose from, including some fine Crémants or Mousseux with prices starting at below 8 € a bottle.

With wines delivered directly from the estate or winery, customers are sure to get products that have not hung around for months in transit or on a supermarket shelf ; and when producers know that their products are going direct to the customer, they tend to take particular care to choose the best bottles - those that are likely to make you want to come back again.

Next to actually visiting a wine estate, buying directly from the producer at estate prices is almost as good as it gets.

Vineyards and producers

Check out the list of vineyards and estates on Avenue des vins. Click on the name of any producer listed for information about the estate and the wines produced.  
Estates vary in size from small family domains such as Clos Sorian, in the Languedoc, with just 7 hectares,  up to large wineries such as Les Caves de la Loire, bringing together a number of local winegrowers.  Most of the vineyards participating in Avenue des vins are however small or medium size family-run estates with less - often far less - than 50 hectares.  This goes for all types of wine, including for Champagnes, historic château estates, and some young up and coming vineyards in developing wine regions.

Delivery times and costs

Wines are shipped direct from the producer to your chosen address - your own address or the address of someone you want to send them to. Avenue des Vins quote a delivery time of within 72 hours throughout most of Europe*.  Bottles are dispatched using anti-breakage cases.

Except for presentation packs and some expensive boxed wines for special occasions, each reference needs to be ordered by case of six bottles. Delivery rates for Europe including the UK are currently (late 2019) 19.90 € for one case, 24.90 € for two cases, and 29.90 for 3 cases. The rates apply per producer, so if you order 3 cases from three different producers, delivery costs will be 3 x 19.90 € (= 59.70 €), but if all three come from the same producer the cost will be just 29.90 € ... which works out at just over 1.50 € per bottle.
Delivery is free on orders worth over 250 € from a single source (i.e. such as 24 bottles of a wine at 11 €)

Of course, wines can also be delivered to addresses anywhere in France too, and the delivery charge starts at 9.90 €.

* Throughout Europe: Note that deliveries are not possible to Ireland, the UK, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway.

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