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Distances between main points in France

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Distances between main points in France

Use this table to check distances in miles between the main entry points into France (Paris, Calais, Cherbourg, Roscoff etc.), in the north and east of the country, and the main cities and centres in the south and west of France.
NB: distances are in miles, not in kilometres. They are calculated using the best route possible under normal driving conditions. See below for journey times. Roscoff is a small port in Brittany, near Morlaix, and is served by ferries from the UK.
Figures in red indicate the channel port from which the journey distance is shortest for a given destination; but depending on the destination, the difference may not be very great. For instance, for driving to Perpignan (and on to the Costa Brava or Costa Blanca) the difference is minimal.

   Ferries : About-France.com strongly recommends booking ferries directly from ferry companies. Prices are usually the same as from so-called "cheap" ferry ticket outfits; and changing or exchanging a ferry booking is liable to be much easier and cheaper if you have booked directly with the ferry operator. No-one plans to have to change their booking, but many end up doing so......

Paris Calais* Cher​bourg Roscoff  Lille  Luxem ​bourg Stras​​bourg Mulhouse Geneva
Paris 181 220 348 138 228 304 228 365
Biarritz 487 667 534 527 621 712 728 655 563
Bordeaux 368 542 410 403 504 588 604 532 443
Brest 368 446 263 40 473 590 666 677 676
Clermont-Fd 263 442 446 500 398 391 376 318 201
Dijon 194 356 415 515 312 203 207 139 163
Lyon 289 474 509 608 430 322 303 239 93
Marseille 482 671 707 750 624 515 504 434 286 2
Nantes 237 371 210 195 372 459 538 537 485
Nice 584 774 810 890 730 496 483 426 1 332 3
Perpignan 528 687 685 694 666 600 588 519 371
Toulouse 420 600 555 564 556 498 604 536 425

* From Calais. Check out the About-France.com guide to routes from Calais
Don't underestimate distances: Calais to Perpignan is about the same distance as London to John o'Groats. Calais to Nice is a hundred miles more.....
1.  Mulhouse - Nice route is via Zurich & Milan
2.  Geneva - Marseille, via Valence
3.  Geneva - Nice route via Mont Blanc tunnel & Italy

French motorway tolls:
Gites in FranceMost French motorways are toll routes - and it is worth taking them unless you have all the time in the world to wander along other routes and avoid the tolls. The price per kilometre varies from toll motorway to toll motorway, but generally speaking it is between 7 centimes per kilometre and 11 cts./km for cars.
   For all but the smallest RVs (motorhomes or campervans), and for caravans, tolls are 50% more expensive, so there is perhaps more justification for avoiding the toll routes. But even then, not always.

     Journey times: taking into account stops, hold-ups and traffic conditions, an average speed of 60 m.p.h is feasible on a normal day on the French motorway system. Most of the long journeys across France will be fully, or  very largely, on motorways or roads of motorway standard. On Saturdays in the summer, average speed may be only 50 mph or 55 mph depending on the route and the trafic density.
     So to calculate the time needed, divide the mileage by 60 or 50, depending on when you plan to travel. Thus, the 600-mile journey from Calais to Toulouse should take about 10 hours under normal driving conditons, but could be up to 12 hours on a Saturday in summer.

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