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French postage rates

Sending postcards and letters from France

1. French domestic postage rates at a glance 

Inland domestic postage within France  -  2017

There are 3 rates for letters up to 250 grammes, and two for letters up to 3 kg.
The standard rates for letters up to 20 grams are:
  • First-class or priority rate : 0.85 €.  
  • Lettre verte rate: 0.73 €,  
  • Ecopli rate: 0.71 €
For all other rates, ask at a post office (bureau de poste).
Note:  the 20g - 50g rate has been suppressed,
purportedly in order to simplify the system. 

2. French international postage rates at a glance 

Below you will find the main international air-mail postage rates for France, and the cheapest - or rather, least expensive -  rates for sending parcels from France.

For all other postal rates (notably pre-paid envelopes, recorded delivery, heavier items), it is best to visit a local post office.  

It is advisable to include an air-mail sticker on international mail, though this is not essential. Virtually all international mail within the European Union is sent by airmail unless surface mail is faster.

   Last collections from mail boxes in urban areas are usually around 4 p.m., but later from main post offices. In rural areas, letter boxes are often emptied just once a day, frequently before midday.   Stamps can be bought in post offices, but often also from "tabacs", or tobacconists selling postcards.

2.1. Postcards and simple letter rates from France 2017

How much does it cost to send a postcard abroad from France ? 

Destination Cost:
Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, etc
(all other countries in  the European Union)
€ 1.10
Rest of World (Including USA, Canada, Australia) € 1.30

How much does it cost to send a letter up to 20 gm from France ?

Destination Cost (airmail)
Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and all other countries in  the European Union € 1.10
Rest of World (Including USA, Canada, Australia) € 1.30

2.2. Documents and heavier letters  

Take care !  Sending International packages from France

La Poste's postal rates are complex , and information is not always clear - not even to all post-office staff. It is a good idea to check rates online before taking a parcel or package to a post office. 
For alternative offers, see shop around below

How much does it cost to send heavier international mail from France?

(for books & brochures, see below)

There is only one tariff category for letters : it is called "priority international letter". There is no second-class or economy rate, nor surface mail rate, for letters
LETTRE PRIO Internationale
Great Britain Netherlands Germany, Switzerland, and all other countries in  the European Union Rest of World (Including USA, Canada, Australia)
20-50 gms € 2.20 € 2.60
50-100 gms € 2.20 € 2.60
100-250 grams € 5.50 € 6.50
250-500 gms € 8.80 € 10.40
500  gms - 2 kg € 15.40 € 18.20

2.3. Small packages - parcels

   "La Poste" has no monopoly over parcels delivery,
neither within France nor abroad. Cheaper rates (up to 50% off)  can often be found by using other carriers, specially if sending city-to-city. Check your options on this price comparison site.  Packlink.fr  (in French)
  Example: a 1 kg package to the UK costs 15.53 € with Chronopost (at a post office), or  from 7.74 € if you drop it off at a "Point relais"

2.3.1. Standard rate ; use the Lettre prio internationale rates up to 2 kg, if appropriate  (packets no more than 3 cm deep), but  be ready to insist  when handing over your package for franking..... see above.   For other packages, see Colissimo below.

2.3.2. Colissimo International - fast package rate, called - anything up to 30 kg for Europe, or up to 20 kg for other countries..  

Colissimo International
Main destinations
Europe (see list of countries) Norway, Russia etc Rest of world
Up to 500 g €12.15 16.20 23.70
Up to 1 kg € 14.85 19.35 26.30
Up to 2 kg € 16.50 21.05 36.10
Up to 5 kg 21.20 27.00 53.00
Up to 10 kg €35.00 45.00 100.00
Up to 20 kg €58.00 (up to 30 kg) 70.00 160.00

Colissimo packages are accepted up to 30 kg, at degressive rates (7kg, 8 kg, etc.)

While the existence of a "priority" rate supposes the existence of another non-priority rate, this is no longer the case. There is no longer any eco or slow international parcel rate from "La Poste". For alternative options, use a different carrier (see above)

Paquet prio & colissimo Europe rates are available  for the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, including Liechtenstein, San Marino, United Kingdom, Vatican

2.3.3 "Valeur déclarée international" tariffs
In 2015 there was one price worldwide...Now there are two zones.  Both are expensive.
Includes losss or damage insurance up to 500 €.

Up to 100g 100 - 250 grams 250-500 grams
European Union € 19.05

€ 22.05

€ 24.15

500-1000 gms 1000-2000 gms
€ 27.30  € 30.45

Up to 100g 100 - 250 grams 250-500 grams
Rest of world € 19.95

€ 23.10

€ 25.20

500-1000 gms 1000-2000 gms 2000-3000 gms
€ 29.40  € 35.70 € 47.25

2.4. Books and brochures

Though the French post office seems to try very hard to hide them (they do not appear in the main La Poste web page for "principal postal rates") there are special rates for sending books and brochures abroad, and they are available to all users, not just to professionals: many employees at postal counters seem to be unaware of this.
  It is stated in black and white on this page  of the La Poste website.
  Note: it also says that the books and brochures must be in French, and not contain advertising.  Last known tarifs (2016)
Books and brochures - international
Great Britain Netherlands Germany, Switzerland, and all other countries in  the European Union Rest of World (Including USA, Canada, Australia)
up to 20 gms € 0.20 €0.34
20 - 50 gms € 0.30 € 0.50
50-100 gms € 0.46 € 0.76
100-250 grams € 0.87 € 1.45
250-500 gms € 1.28 € 2.13
500  gms - I kg € 2.47 € 4.12
1 - 2 kg € 3.29 € 5.49

Max weight: 5 kg, but extended to 25 kg for dedicated mailbags.
Request a mailbag from your local post office.
Rates per kg. for mailbags: Zone 1  € 1.28,  zone 2 € 2.13

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